LIMONE 1000 at the start of the Sole cableway in via Genova 40. With the gondola you can quickly reach the peaks and decide whether to go down the trails for pure downhill adrenaline or to reach the central forts via the path of the Terrasole lake. From the forts you can reach the sea along the ancient salt road and stop in the cozy shelters along the way. At the Don Barbera refuge and the Le Marmotte refuge, an e-bike recharge service is available.

Limone Piemonte (CN) - Via Genova 40

 BORGO S.DALMAZZO c / o Borgomercato Via Cuneo 80 Rent your e-bike in the city to discover the paths of the beautiful Cuneese valleys.

Borgo San Dalmazzo (CN) - Via Cuneo 80