1. The equipment is rented out in adequate conditions.

2. The rented equipment could be changed during the rental period with material of the same value, depending on availability and with prior payment of adjustment costs.

3.The equipment upgrade will involve an extra charge cost. In case of swap with lower value material no refund will be provided.

4. The equipment has to be returned exclusively to the cash desk within and no later than 7 pm of the last day of rental. Other wise will be charged the cost for extra days.

5. The rented equipment stored in the deposit inside of the lockers and racks for a longer period than expected, will involve an extra charge equal to the number of days of effective storage.

6. The early rental contract dissolution does not give refund claim. Refund is provided in case of illness or injury prior submission of medical certificate.

7. After 7 days of missing return will be made regular theft denunciation against the tenant.

8. The rented equipment could be insured for breakage or accidentally damage. This insurance is not valid in case of theft, loss, malice or irregular use. 

In case of theft or loss the tenant must give denunciation to authorities.

We are not responsible of the deposited equipment inside of the boot and ski lockets, in particular for the ski poles.

  1. The seasonal deposit ends peremptorily with the ski slopes closure. Every single day of delay beyond this limit will be fully charged.

    The seasonal deposit does not give the possibility to claim an all-day opening of the hire shop, not even of Wednesday opening (during the period of slopes closure in the “Sole” area), not even for undelayable technical reasons, and in some periods will follow the shop opening time.

  2. For the assembly, fixing and regulation of the ski binding and for the alpine ski hire it's necessary to sign up an acceptance agreement of these rules which clearly define the binding assembly in accordance with the international standard recognized by the binding producer.

  3. This hire contract is valid only prior credit card payment or by cash deposit of the same amount of the hired equipment and/or of valid identity card.

  4. Conforming to the Italian law ART. 13 DPR 675/96, for the privacy tutelage, the tenant authorizes the present hiring lessor to the use of personal information for statistic and promotional use, and for hire purpose explicated in this contract, in particular, the tenant authorizes the lessor to cash in the equivalent amount of the market price's cost of the equipment that would not be returned, even through cash in of the credit card given as guarantee.